Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Another view

I have spent a bit more time today carefully cleaning one of the Maori model canoes. Here is a picture of another of the carved figures. In my blog post yesterday I said that I thought most of the carved figures were male but today I have changed my view and think there are a mixture of male and female figures depicted. I am still fascinated by the amount and variety of patterns carved so intricately all over the canoe. I still have a lot of cleaning to do and am working quite slowly, a small section at a time.

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  1. Hi Lynne,
    Do you need any extra help with the Cook stuff this week? I suspect the Muster Rolls sessions will be busy and there won't be room for us all. (Annoyingly, I'm not meant to lift anything, but other than that, I don't mind getting my hands dirty!)

  2. Hi Holly, not unless you fancy a bit of light hoovering? The model canoes still need quite a bit of work. The Cook & Scorseby room will be painted this week but the week after we could both help Fiona put unpack all the Scoresby stuff and put it back out. I will be in tomorrow if you are around.

  3. I really like figure that is carved in your Maori model canoe! It is so intricate. Can you post some more pictures of the whole model?