Saturday, 19 March 2011

Stories of the World

Our project at Whitby Museum is really beginning to take shape.  The two new cabinets are in place and we have begun to assemble the new display in one of the original cabinets.  All this extra space means that we are able to show objects that have been in storage for some time.
Here are some of the objects from Nootka Sound.  They include some wonderful examples are basketry including the hat (top left) that has patterns woven into the brim one of which is a striking Whale motif.    The basket (bottom left) is made of birch bark and the two large ladles from sheep horn.  There is still quite a bit of work to do including making some labels for these objects so that visitors can tell what they are.  Nootka Sound was one of the places visited by Captain James Cook, although these objects date from much later.

Work is still going on in other areas of the display including  more work on one of the model Maori War Canoes.  Here you can see Rebekah has re-attached a piece that had been broken off some years ago.  She has been working very carefully and, as is usual in a museum situation, everything has to be reversible at a later date if better methods become available.  It is fascinating to watch someone so skilful at work!

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